School Guide Consultancy Terms & Conditions


Payment & Refund Policy
All consultancy appointments are to be paid in full in advance. Once paid, you will be offered an appointment via our online scheduling and booking system. If you cancel the agreed appointment less than 48 hours before the scheduled time, you will be charged the full amount and there will be no refund.

You are permitted to reschedule an appointment once only, and you must reschedule within 20 working days of original booked appointment. There are strictly no refunds after the consultation has been completed.

Subscriber Price
Subscribers to School Guide's premium service (currently £9.95 per month for full data access for one month) qualify for a discount on our Consultancy Services providing they have subscribed for minimum six months. Subscribers qualify for the advertised discount and also get 12-months free subscription applied to their account (worth £120) from the day they book and pay for their consultation. For more information on the benefits of subscribing, click here. For any questions about the discounted rate, please email [email protected].

All one-to-one consultancy and communication, by telephone or otherwise, delivered by School Guide UK Limited, (“School Guide”), as well as information set down on the previous page ( is intended to help you identify the issues preventing you from making a school choice and assist you decide on the best school for your child with confidence and clarity. This help is based wholly on the information made available via School Guide’s Booking Form, the School Guide website and the telephone consultation.

The consultation includes one 50-minute phone call. There is no written report or follow-up. Information which forms the basis of the consultation is collected via our Booking Form. School Guide takes no responsibility for the final school choice and the outcomes of the one-to-one consultancy offered. School entry can, and often does, rely on admissions criteria such as faith, catchment and sibling priority. School Guide takes no responsibility for these key factors in the complex area of school applications, and strongly advises that individual schools and the relevant local authority is contacted for the most up-to-date and relevant information on admissions criteria before a school application is submitted. Schools may also have a ‘first choice’ scheme whereby they will only consider applications selected as the first choice on the application form.

School Guide’s consultancy is designed to give general advice based on the information available via our website and your Booking Form. Unknown factors that are not published via School Guide’s school pages can not and will not be factored into the help and advice.

Privacy Policy
Our nice lawyers want us to share important information about what we do with your information when you use School Guide or sign up for this Education Consultancy service. Please Read our Privacy Policy here.

By signing up and paying for our School Guide Consultancy Education service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.